Cryptic Void - Psychomanteum EP

by Imminent Destruction Records

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11 track debut 7" EP from CRYPTIC VOID.

Fast and furious death metal / grind obliteration from ex-members of P.L.F. / WARMASTER / INSECT WARFARE

Those that have been lucky enough to witness the band live on tour in the states will testify to the speed and power that they produce.

Comes in full colour fold out sleeve with lyrics.

Co-released with the excellent RESCUED FROM LIFE RECORDS


released January 15, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Psychomanteum
Staring into the void
Seeking dark consorts
As my reflection fades
A frightening sight takes form

Gaze upon the forbidden visage
Opening vistas of the mind
Better left forgotten
For all of time

This wretched revelation Begging to be released
By unholy rites thought to be deceased
Track Name: Infinite Suffering
n my infinite suffering
I hope to die
But without life
I can't escape the pain

Although i feel dead
Sentient tormentors plague my head

Rip my soul from this fleshly torture
Let me fall from this place
Can i not return
to my waking life from
this eternal darkness?
Swarms of dissociated entities fight for my soul
Track Name: Cryptic Void
Now I'm forced to see
My greatest fears while never knowing
For all of eternity
I will never be released from this cryptic void

I offered my soul with no reservation
With no understanding of what lies beyond

The allure of fulfilling my desires
Left me blind and slave to death

What i once knew as me has now turned to dust
All that is left is this
Cryptic void in my head
Track Name: Subside Into Twilight
I've only been taught to hate
lust, fear, and act on rage!

In my overt arrogance
I attempt to become divine
Now banished to obscurity
I only long for my corporeal life

Forever subside into twilight
Track Name: Gidim
I once worshiped darkness
Now i long for Light

Life i knew is no more
My psyche torn apart
Wandering in the dark
My motive becomes elusive

My self-serving thoughts manifest
Into these demonic forms

My mind comprises a profusion of diabolic entities

Life i knew is no more
My psyche torn apart
Wandering in the dark
Searching for whence i came
My being forever in flux
Track Name: Ganzfeld
Black Abyss
I'm ensnared
Track Name: Encounter The Shadow
Now I clearly see the face
That is confining me to this place
It's psychic torment propagates
and pollutes my every thought

Who am I?
Where am I?
Track Name: The Vision And The Voice
And from the shadows voices call to me
Telling me i can be anything i want to be
All they need in return is a sacrifice
Only the negation of Self will suffice

Who are these astral entities?
Do they have ill intent?

Can i discern truth from lies in this abyss?
Track Name: Key Of The Abyss
"Thou hast entered the night
dost thou yet lust for the day?"

Is this not why I took the plunge
to speak with life-forms from beyond?

As far as I've come
I only want to withdraw

But in my arrogance
I tear down the next veil
Deeper into the abyss
To see what lies beyond
Track Name: Time-Eating Chasm
Ripped from corporeal existence
Into the place between
A time-eating chasm with no terrestrial link
Beyond an impossible barrier

A nightmare
From beyond

What remains
Is a shell